A new way of savouring a territory...traveling with taste!

Birth of Gustiamolì, the taste of travelling

Gustiamolì was born out of love for our land: Molise. We are four siblings, Carmen, Giusy, Donato and Stefano, and we have always been involved in travel and tourism, but we have a passion for enogastronomy of excellence, made up of artisan products, created in small workshops and processed according to ancient traditions.

Tramite Gustiamolì is the result of our love for Molise.

Through Gustiamolì we want to enhance the value of our region by creating a new way of experiencing travel: start savouring Molise directly at home by purchasing one of our enogastronomic collections and choose to discover the places of taste by purchasing a travel package.

Our speciality is the wine and food of Molise, which we are proud to offer.

The uniqueness of our initiative lies in the fact that thetravel packages have been designed on the basis of the food and wine collections. This is the only way to fully enjoy the experience on offer: choose what you want to savour and set off to discover the villages, workshops and landscapes from which everything springs.

As well as the food and wine collections, we offer a wide range of food and wine packages.

Both the food and wine collections and the travel packages, although ideally linked, can be purchased individually and independently. In this way the food and wine collections can become an exquisite "gadget" to be purchased after having travelled in Molise.

Valueing the food and wine collections and the travel packages.

Valorising the work of small businesses through a new online sales channel and encouraging tourism in the area, for us means preserving the culture and keeping alive the priceless heritage of ancienttraditions.