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Molise wine and food

Molise is a region rich in typical food and wine products that are characterised by their authenticity and flavours linked to the land. One of the main products belonging to the culinary tradition is the oil, which has been celebrated since Roman times and was considered an excellence of the area by Pliny, Cato, Horace and Cicero, so much so that all the villas from that period found in Molise have cellars containing large jars of oil.
Molise PDO extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the native olive varieties mainly Aurina, Gentile di Larino, Oliva Nera di Colletorto and Leccino, but also from other local varieties that make its flavour special because it is delicate with a hint of bitterness and spiciness.
Other products of excellence make Molise famous throughout the world, including Tintilia, the wine indigenous to the region with a full-bodied flavour and intense colour, born from a rustic vine grown throughout the territory. It is an ancient black grape variety that risked disappearing gradually and definitively before finding its rightful place and consideration in the rich Italian wine scene.
The truffle, considered the black gold of Molise, produces about 40% of the national production of the prized white truffle, and for the black truffle it is the province of Isernia that mainly dominates with the municipalities of San Pietro Avellana, Carovilli and Capracotta, followed by Castelmauro and Bojano in the province of Campobasso. An excellence appreciated by many that enriches first and second courses and side dishes with its strong flavour and unmistakable aroma.
Fresh and mature cheeses with sweet, salty and spicy flavours are typical of Agnone, Capracotta, Vastogirardi and Santa Croce di Magliano. The Di Nucci dairy in Agnone, which won an award for producing the best Italian cheese in 2017, collects milk in the Apennine mountains of Upper Molise in a healthy land rich in native plant species and wildlife. By processing the cheeses with raw milk, the company does not alter the nutritional and aromatic value of the product.
The pasta made with an artisanal method using old stone millstones and bronze dies, tasty cured meats such as the ventricina di Montenero di Bisaccia, the "Vecchia Signora di Conca Casale", the meats such as the pampanella di San Martino in Pensilis prepared with pork fillet and chilli pepper, the grilled meat with its captivating aroma.
Desserts range from Pannocchio, Pigna, the typical wafers and bell-shaped panettone from Agnone to Panzerotti with cooked must and Milk Pan in the shape of a zuccotto wet with milk liqueur.
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