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Caciocavallo: the King of Molise

I am the King of Molise, what is it all about?
My name is "Caciocavallo". My name comes from the custom of hanging me tied together with my twin on the back of a horse to sell me after they have dried me thoroughly. I am exquisite!

I become coarse, through this procedure:
the milk is brought to about 37°C and rennet paste is added, after about 45 minutes the mass coagulates and then the curd is broken up minutely. After about 45 minutes the curdling mass coagulates and then the curd is broken up into small pieces. The curd is then filtered and the cheese mass is left to rest, then broken up again and left to mature under the hot whey for several hours at 50 °C.
Following this, the paste is filtered a second time, allowing it to drain, and once the whey has been drained, the mass is cut into slices, spun in water at about 80 °C and divided into large pear-shaped pieces. Salting takes place in brine for about 12 to 20 hours.

The cheeses are tied in a wooden box and then placed in a wooden box.

The cheeses are tied in pairs, hung up and left to dry and mature for about 20 days in a cool, airy environment. The maturation varies from 3 months to 2 or 2 years by storing the cheeses in a constant temperature and ventilated environment.

The tinned copper cauldron, the wooden tub and a wooden or steel table are used for production, as well as poles.

Well, as you can see, it takes a lot of work and dedication to get me born, but as soon as I am ready I leave for a thousand destinations, the United States, Europe, Australia, even China and Japan. I'm very popular when I'm fresh or mature, but especially when I'm hung and melt on bread! What are you waiting for to taste me?